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Sunday, July 20, 2008
I Put Ooooooooonnnnnnnn
The following is my response to an issue posed by Elements Magazine:

Is an artist or group attempting to break into the music scene capable of creating a "mainstream track" and producing the rest of an album a pretty well-rounded album that sticks to the artists own genuine material-to say the least a Cop Out?

I think it is very much possible and important for up and coming artists to provide a "mainstream track" that meshes with the rest of their album...

Whether its Underground MC FireflyDragonDisasterStrike 77 (typical underground emcee name) or its Yung Jingle Jangle, there are constants in the industry...

You MUST know your market/core audience. If you keep this in mind when crafting your so-called "mainstream track", you can gear your song towards their liking. If you create a great song that resonates with your market, you WILL have a successful single. Don't believe me? Ask Lupe ("Kick, Push", "Dumb it Down"), Common (The Corner), U-N-I (gaining huuuge buzz off of "Beautiful Day"), or Jay-Z (American Gangster album....maybe 1.5 official singles on the album). Just look at all the independent rappers gettin snatched up by major labels, because they stayed true to their style and showed the higher ups that they could get cheese without them! (Shouts to Little Brother, Murs, Pacific Division, Boot Camp Clikk...)

Moral of the story? Study the game! There are too many lazy emcees (talented and wack) who complain about not getting their shine in the game without being a sellout. It's possible. Know your audience. Cater to them. Create that buzz. And create something special...the masses will be forced to take a listen.

Stay up! 1love

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