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Thursday, October 2, 2008
Thank You....Now What?!
Rooftop, like we bringin 88 back

I want to thank EVERYBODY who was apart of/supporting "The Carry-On Experience"...its an amazing feeling to watch an idea come to fruition, and it could not have been done without you all. It's only the beginning though! I'm in the process of reaching out to several blog and internet sites to feature the album, so keep your fingers crossed.

A lot of fans have showed love, asking if they can post bulletins or whatever to help this project succeed. Like I said, the goal is to get as many people as possible to listen to the album. I have confidence that the album will speak for itself! If you want to continue to help promote this album, here are some things that you can do:

1. Find and focus on 3 (or more) people that you know that love Hip Hop. Tell them to go and download the album, or even give them a burned cd, just to get the music out. However, if you give out cd's, just go to the download site afterwards and hit download for as many cd's you gave out...just so we have a ballpark figure of how many people have heard the album!

2. Post a link or do a write up in your blog....whether myspace, or official blogsite. Once you do that, send me the link so I can show it to the world!

3. Go to my Myspace Blog with links to these other blogs. Pick one (or more) of them, and leave a comment about the they will know that this is a movement!

Just an update on projects that are in the works:

-The Love Based EP with Philthy is coming around early 2009...produced by yours truly
-The Bench Mob album with myself and BE.water is on the way in 2009
-Curly Tops and Nautica Jackets Compilation Album coming soon
-Lastly, I'm in the brainstorming stages of a HUGE project for 2009...its gonna be a collaborative keep your eyes and ears open for that!

I appreciate everybody ridin' with me! I'm gonna continue to grind and give you good music.

Stay up 1love


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