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Thursday, September 11, 2008
Free Kanye?! Really?!
I hate when people get carried away with this "Free ____" movement...its like niggas don't care about taking responsibility for actions anymore! Look at this nigga moment displayed by Mr. Kanye West

Yea...I know paparazzi can be a bitch...

But really...what makes you think that you can forcefully take someone's camera, smash it, and be cool to jump on a plane? Really? I hope 'Ye wasn't processing this in his head, and just made a impulse move.

Especially when you are somebody of that caliber. On top of the music game. Like it or not, but there will be three figures that you recall 20 years from now when you talk about this early 21st century era in Hip Hop: Jay-Z, Kanye, 50 Cent. To go off and do something like this, and not even think about the consequences is baffling. I mean, he's no T.I., but damn...

So save me the "Free Kanye" stuff. That's my dude like everybody else, but he f'ed up. Call a spade a spade. He'll probably have a nice fine and a year of probation or something, so relax. Maybe he'll learn.

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