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Monday, July 21, 2008
God Moves...You Gotta Move Too!!
I often get messages and comments complimenting on the music...

Nothing feels better...the only thing that compares is the feeling of creating music that will resonate with people...

But there are alot of cats out there with crazy talent that are barely on the radar. The difference? THE GRIND!

Now I know it may seem blasphemous, but I guarantee that there is a producer on this planet that is better than Dilla; a lyricist deeper than Lupe; a singer better than Alicia Keys; a chick badder than Kim Kardashian (wait...scratch that).

What separates them is the amount of outside work they do in advancing their own music. The countless phone calls made, numerous demos sent, multitude of bills stacked because they had to invest in photoshoots, press packages, etc.

If you have the talent, work ethic, and faith...God will move.

There are potentially some big opportunities on the table here for myself at the moment, and I ALWAYS have to remind myself to GRIND...

Sorry to take yall to Church...the next post WILL be random!

stay up! 1love

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