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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Classic Sh*t: Ready to Die

I promised to put yall up on good music; whether that’s new or old. I thought it’d be dope to do a segment every couple blogs on a classic Hip Hop album to school some of the young ones on the history of this Hip Hop Culture. So I’m going to say something real crazy here…in my humble opinion, the greatest Hip Hop album of all time does not start with Ill or end with Matic. It’s Ready to Die.
Being a West Coast kid, I could’ve said The Chronic, or Me Against the World, or Doggystyle…but that would be lying. Ready to Die gives me chills to this day. I first listened to this album in its entirety during my Junior Year of High School, on my quest to hear all of the so-called “classic” albums. Nothing is touching this album.
From the jump, Ready to Die establishes the component that is needed in every classic album (*take note rappers). It establishes an eerie vibe/setting. The album sounds like impending death. The LP has every kind of track you need as well: story-telling(Juciy), drug raps (10 Crack Commandments), a song for the hood (Everyday Struggle), and club tracks (Big Poppa). No slight to Illmatic, which is definitely top 3, but it did not have all of these ingredients.
Not to mention, Biggie dropped one of the craziest lines ever without having the homo card pulled on him:
When I met you I admit, my first thoughts was to trick/
You look so good, huh, I’d suck on ya daddy’s dick

Biggie Smalls being the illest is debatable…but in my book, he created the best Hip Hop LP…period.
Here is my favorite track off the album:

*Note: Yea...I f*cked up....10 Crack Commandments wasn't on Ready to Die...I always mix up my Primo tracks...for some reason I think that Unbelievable was on Life After Death...probably because 10 Crack Commandments is one of the dopest songs ever, so why not be on the dopest album ever!

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posted by Jansport J @ 2:04 PM  
  • At August 20, 2008 at 11:14 AM, Anonymous HP said…

    dope blog fam.... I hate doin this but it's only right so the youngins don't get it confused, but "The Ten Crack Commandments" was not on Ready to Die but on Life After Death... I love Ready to Die as a matter of fact I bumped it a couple weeks ago and it is definately in my top 5 albums of all time. My favorite hip-hop album of all time... "Reasonable Doubt" by Jay-Z In my opinion like u stated it had everything you look for in a classic album... The one thing that hit home for me in this one though was the vulnerability of not only the artist/ but the man... From the "D'Evils" to "Regrets" he let you in to THE LIFE and that it aint all what it's cracked up to be.... Dope Blog my Dude. HP

  • At August 20, 2008 at 2:55 PM, Blogger Jansport J's Baggage Check... said…

    you are so right......i completely forgot...

    for some reason I always confuse the 2 Primo Joints "10 Crack Commandments" and "Unbelievable".

    Reasonable Doubt is definitely in a battle with Illmatic for the hungriest I've ever heard a rapper, and is track for track a banger. I just feel like each track on Ready to Die is only a bit stronger. appreciate the feedback tho!

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