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Friday, August 22, 2008
Yea…its about that time…

SEND ME YOUR MUSIC! You know you want to…You send me myspace messages all the time!
The future for the 189 brand is so bright, it’s retarded. Please get on board now and be apart of the first mixtape; because after a while, it may not be so easy to get on! Mark and I will be taking submissions and will hope to put out the first mixtape during the winter months. No matter where you’re from, how unique, how many plays you have on myspace, etc. Send your music to and it will at the very least be listened to. Also, as mentioned before, I am an up-and-coming Hip Hop producer, so I can try and use some of my contacts and networking to hook you up if we reeeeally like the sounds. We all want a fair shot at success, and I am more than happy to help out, since we are all in the same boat. So one more time, do what?
SEND YOUR MUSIC!!!!!! It’s that easy.

Stay up! 1Love
-Jansport J

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