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Saturday, July 26, 2008
Hip Hop Won't Die (Repost)
"Hip Hop is Dead" is the most overused, exaggerated phrase in our culture today...its become a fad to say....let me put you up on why the phrase is far from true...excuse me as I turn from ignorant IM typing to my Pepperdine Liberal Arts Education...A. NAS USED IT AS A MARKETING PLOY! Yes, Nas is not dumb. He knows how to sell records and create a buzz. Its not meant for literal purposes. I know its a shock to believe God's Son is business savvy, but respect his gangsta. B. I should start off my second point by explaining what 'Hip Hop' is. There is no such thing as Hip Hop vs. Rap...Hip Hop is not the positive/pure version of rap. Hip Hop is a culture founded on the 4 Elements: Emcee, DJ, Breaker, and Graffitti. Rap is the musical expression of Hip Hop. So to say that 'Hip Hop is Dead' is an ill-conceived notion in my opinion; as long as their is a Breakdancer in the Bronx, or somebody taggin in Watts, or a DJ in the UK scratchin records, Hip Hop is very much alive. In that case, it'll never die.C. I love Backpack Music. I refrain from the term 'Underground' because it has turned into an elitist perspective in my opinion. I listen to good music, regardless. If its Murs' "L.A." or 50's few ill verse on "Hate It or Love It"....i bump good music that moves me. Believing that 'Underground' or 'Backpack' music is "Real Hip Hop" isn't a fair assessment. The problem that lies within Hip Hop today is what leads me to my 4th point...D. There is a lack of balance in Hip Hop. Crunk and Snap are not the problems; the problem is that all the media offers you is Crunk and Snap. There would be the same drought if all BET and MTV ever gave us was Little Brother and Common (although I would be in lyrical heaven). People often refer to the Golden Era of 88-94, when dudes like BIG, Pac, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Jay-Z, EPMD, The whole Native Tongues Movement, KRS-One, and LL rocked the mic. However just as important were the Lukes, 2 Live Crews, 69 Boyz, Ice T's, NWA's, Too Shorts, and so on. These latter artists raised issues against censorship and provided graphic depictions of street life that have influenced the Hip Hop Culture for the better. Growing up with my sister, I was able to hear the EPMD "Crossover", NWA "Gangsta", and 2 Live Crews "Me So Horny" in succession on the radio. And guess what: we would rock out to all of em. I'm okay with the radio playing T-Pain's "Bartender" or any Lil' Wayne track...just give me some Bishop Lamont and Skyzoo in between. All this is to say that the current cliche of 'Hip Hop is Dead' is bogus. Unless you have reasons that support the opposite, I'd be happy to entertain them. But PLEASE get your argument game up, because I'm pretty set on this position.
Hip Hop Forever
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