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Saturday, July 26, 2008
Weezy F. Baaaaaaabay...Plee Say Da Baaaabay (Repost)
To all tha mainstream white kids in Suburbia USA ridin in a SUV that pops bought, bumpin Weezy all day and swear he's the second coming of Christ himself, quote him like scriptures in myspace profiles....stop it.

To all tha underground/backpack heads bumpin MC Firefly Disaster Strike (a typical underground name i thought), who may turn to salt if they ever hear mainstream music again, who curse tha name of Lil Wayne and believe that he's not lyrically gifted in any sense of tha word....stop it.

To all tha "backpack" enthusiasts who listen to good music period, from all genre's, "mainstream" and "underground", who will bump The Doors after bumpin Ready to Die, and believe that Lil Wayne is nice with it, but not prepared to give him classic status until he puts out more good albums instead of mixtapes, and are willing to give him that opportunity to prove himself...keep it movin, we got a lot in common.

They slept on Big L when he waz here...yet they annointed Craig Mack...letz walk that line, let it play out.

Signin out like Momz pickin me up from YMCA.

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