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Monday, July 28, 2008
Artist Spotlight: The Cove Originals
So you may/may not have noticed that I've been pluggin' this crew a lot lately. Coming out of Covina, CA (like yours truly), they are bringing that old school hip hop back. Think of the chemistry from groups of the Native Tongues era, mixed with the individual talents of a Wu Tang, with a knack for crafting kickback joints like The Pharcyde. Combine all of these, and you have The Cove Originals. Here's my lil' breakdown of the members and my opinion of their style:

Avi The Most Ill: This dude is quite simply a beast. From beats to rhymes. Production-wise, he goes from boom bap, cruisin' music, to the club. Lyrically, reminds me of AZ.

Hawdwerk: This dude SOUNDS like '94! Alot of cats tried to mimic that sound of the golden era...Hawdwerk naturally has it. Lyrically complex, craziest flow. Sounds like he lives in the cyphers.

Lykewyze: Wyze can go from a commercial to underground sound effortlessly. His cadence commands your attention, and he usually backs it with dope rhymes and expression of his own life. A dope producer as well...Dilla type samples with 9th drums.

Black Saint:Underground/Spoken Word vibe...possibly the most complex...I find myself catchin' something new in his rhymes every listen. He rhymes for dudes in the cypher, as well as scoopin' up the females.

FunkLogik:Must've failed Chemistry...He's constantly droppin' science. Hard for emcees to do this without sounding condescending...but Logik masters the art. Consistently speaks about the complexities of life in a way that everyone relates to.

Poetik Force:It's rare to see rappers spit without droppin' wordplay all over the place, and still sound dope. Poetik Force details the struggles and joys of life through straight rhymin' filter. Reminscent of 2pac in that he's effective without being overbearing with metaphors.

Sincere:Every crew needs a Sincere; a producer that is genuinely in love with the music that the crew makes, wantin' to see EVERYBODY win. Not only does he have dope beats, but fulfills the other roles of a producer, directin' everybody on how to spit on the track.

Dulu:Knows his music...Knows his equipment...crate digger...a producer's producer.
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  • At July 28, 2008 at 11:04 PM, OpenID soulfuhreal said…

    artist spotlight... i think that was real cool about you. it's beautiful, imma have to post that on the musicpage. i think ur opinion on each and every one of them are on point... thank you for that.


  • At July 30, 2008 at 7:26 PM, Blogger Kia Jean said…

    Awesome. I must say, I'm proud of Y'all West Covina representas. I PUT ON FOR MY CITY!!

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