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Saturday, August 2, 2008
No AARP for Rap
I don't blame you Hov...u put out 8 platinum albums. 2 certified classics (Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint). You watched your once independent Roc-A-Fella Records create a dynasty within the Hip Hop scene. Clothing lines, endorsements, sold-out Madison Square...I don't blame you for thinking that there was nothing left to conquer...I don't blame you for thinking it was time to pull the MJ and put your jersey up in the rafters.

But you should've known......there is no AARP for Hip Hop.

Ask Russell, Rakim, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick, Reverend Run....these guys are still putting out product...regardless of the demand. Wanna know why?

Because you can't retire from expression.

Rap is the musical artform of Hip Hop, and probably the most powerful form of communication to the masses. Stating that you are done rapping forever is just about saying that you are done giving an opinion.

Oh for real? We'll check for you at the Forest Lawn then!

There is no need to formally retire from the game...step back. This isn't the are not on somebody's salary cap and being forced to fill out retirement paperwork (unless you're under contract to put out more albums...smh at Tru3 Magic by Mos Def). Don't have the drive to make music anymore? Cool. Stop. Don't make a declaration. Just stop. Because I guarantee that something will happen in pop culture or in the game that will spark something in you. Word to Public Enemy.

So when you hear a rapper say that they are retiring...give em that old Hov quote ("We don't believe you, you need more people!)

Yea, I know the second half doesn't apply.

The Game- "I Love Dre" coming in 4th qtr 2009
Lupe Fiasco- "Yall Know I'm Better than 'Ye, Right?" coming in 1st qtr 2010

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